FIFA 12:Review & Trailer

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Games
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17 - Fifa 12 (2012) Wii NTSC

FIFA Fever is one of the most loved fever in this world. The fever which everyone wants to adopt. Converting  the world’s most popular sport into a game isn’t an easy task but hats off to EA Sports for that.

After all capturing the atmosphere of the game, all the dramas between players & some times between players & referees, the extreme roar of the crowd when the ball sail in the nets. There are other considerations also which make the game a realistic experience.

FIFA 12 the new version of the most popular game is like its predecessors versions but it provides you a new tactical defending system, player’s impact, new dribbling features and many more. Not only is FIFA 12 the best game in the series, it’s also one of the most exciting, accurate, and complete sports games around.

Watch the trailer of the game & i can bet you will rush to nearest store for a copy of it.

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