What is Google+ ?

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Google+, News
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Google+ is an innovation in the world of the social media or one can say the way of staying more connected & having a more control on your information. It is actually the collection of tools which help you to keep your well wishers close to you. The toolset includes comprehensive social tools which will make your life easier and they’re called Circles, Hangouts, Huddle, & Sparks.

I will explain all these one by one.

Google+ Circles

Google+ Circles is the most powerful tool which google provided with its project. The fact is that many of us share different kinds of things with different social circles. Keeping this thing in mind google+ provided this a feature in its project & also his is the drawback of the facebook. In Facebook your updates are visible to all your friends if you explicitly don’t define which friends are not required to view those information.

Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts is a facility which many social media sites want to give but unfortunately they are not able to provide so.

Google+ Hangouts is a video chat room facility where you can ignite a discussion with maximum of 10 friends at the same time. They have added a great value to this feature by making it simpler, now you don’t have to be a geek to enter in a video chat with your friends.

The days of to & fro messaging are over now , Google+ Hangouts are new way to chill.

Google+ Sparks

Google+ sparks is the virtual assistant by google provided to you so that you can easily find the relevant feed, information from the web which you want to share with your friends and the most amazing thing is that its all from your google+ account. No Need to open google in another ta, then search the information & all then post it on your wall.

Google+ Huddle

This service is kind of a group chat in the google+. Instead of maintaining  the same chat with many people the google+ Hurdles will offer you a single place to do so. The feature is also available for i phones & android phones.

Google+ Instant Upload

Everyone loves to take snaps either its from your phone or its from you camera. The major problem comes out when you have to share that with your friends. Some people thought its a nightmare for them to first upload images & then share it with those whom you want to show them.

Google gets a one more point for that as they provide instant upload feature where you can upload all the pics with an ease & even share with the circle you want to share with so no more particular selections.

Can everyone say “EASY EASY EASY”? Doesn’t that feel good?


Well that’s all for the introduction part, I will be back with some more related to google+.

Till then enjoy the new service.


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