Avast Antivirus 6: Auto Sandbox Review

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Softwares
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Avast is one of the most used antivirus & now by launching a new feature in its all version including the free versions will help avast to grow more. The new feature of Avast is Auto Sandbox. Now the question arises how this technology will help users? In this post I will introduce you with this new technology which you will find in all the products of the avast.


Auto sandbox is the latest feature added in the avast products. The feature is actually the virtualization technology which will offer the users more protection from the malicious software & scripts.

Whenever a program is initiated by the user & if the avast detects it to be unsafe then it will prompt the user with three options:

  • execute the file within the virtual Auto Sandbox or
  • run it outside the sandbox or
  • cancel running the application entirely
If user chooses to run the application in sandbox then avast will create a virtual environment in which it can scan the code or scripts associated with the program. If the code or script is found to be malicious then it will close the virtual environment ensuring that the script will not harm the actual user machine.

To download the Avast Click Here

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