Max Payne 3 : Preview & Trailer

Posted: October 8, 2011 in Games
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After a long time we are going to see Max Payne back in action in the upcoming game in this franchise, Max Payne 3.  Although the franchisee is very old so they are going to launch the new avatar of Max somewhere in middle age. There will be some graphic changes to compete with today’s games.

The Game will provide some realistic features like some of the blended animation while performing stunts which are a cool. The dive towards the enemies , targeting motions & etc.

The game will also features some the vehicles in action which max will use to escape & its also a good piece of animations as bullet firing while riding on the bus, & what do you expect the gas pumps when they are hit by a bullet? Obviously they will explode.

The feature which is highly improved is bullet tracking kill cam which will now show the last kill of the bad guy & you can fast or slow down the play according to your interest.

That’s all what I got now, the game will be released sometime in March 2012.  It will be a hard time for Max as many most awaited games are going to release that time.

Do you think Max can give complex to those hard guys?Ahhh!! We will find the answer in March. Till then enjoy the Trailer.


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