Indian President’s 6 Crore Car

Posted: October 19, 2011 in News
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Mercedes Benz S600L Pullman Guard, the name of the car which will now be used by the Indian President Mrs. Pratibha Patil. According to the news the new vehicle for the president was purchased in the middle of the year. The upgradation in the vehicle took around a year so that it can be used by the Supreme Commander as her primary vehicle.

The car was first showcased in Delhi Auto Expo-2010. But the car which was purchased for the President is the special edition of the car as it is embedded with high security features assuring the security in all manners. The top luxury car makers including Audi & BMW also tried to deliver the vehicle but alast the Mercedes Benz S600L Pullman Guard won the race.

Especially for this car the developer designed about 550 new components which are made up of the steel alone. The newly designed components will join together so that the company can deliver the fully enclosed cell which is self supporting & reinforces the vehicle & due to this factor only the car won the race from its counterparts.

Features of Car

Mercedes Benz S600L Pullman is an armored car whose protection features provide protection from not only standard or small arms but also from military arms, grenades & other explosives. The car can run on the flat tyres. The car is also embedded with a fire extinguisher along with the self sealing fuel tank providing protection against any type of fire.

The car is very spacious with a wheelbase of 4315 mm & 6356mm in overall length. It is powered by a 12 cylinder bi-turbo engine which provides an extraordinary pickup to it. The displacement of 5513cc & an output of 517 Horse power are enough to rush out from danger zones in case of emergency.

Keeping in view that the President needs to interact with various people, the vehicle is equipped with latest modes of communication & entertainment. Even the seating are also designed to enable the passengers to sit facing each other. A partition is also provided between the passenger’s compartment & the driver’s seat which ensures the privacy of the meeting.

Below is the pic of the passenger’s compartment. For more information on this topic surf Google.

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