Posted: December 18, 2011 in Techopedia
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In this changing era of technology the new name which is arising as an alternative to the tradition HDD is SDD.


What is SDD??


Solid State Drive is a new device for data storage and you can store  data as you do on a hard drive. The major difference is it uses the solid state memory which is a totally different concept from the concept f the hard disk.

Intel X25-M SATA Solid-State Drive (SSD)

The internal functioning on SSD is totally different from HDD. The HDD has mechanical parts with spinning disk and moving read/write heads, whereas the SSD is a non mechanical device wish uses flash microchips to store data thus it makes the SSD faster and reliable.

Performance Comparisons

When you are working on larger number of files SSD will be a boon for you as it offers good speed & performance in this scenario. Due to lack of mechanical parts it offers a great speed as access time is less. The reason for less access time is the direct data access from the flash memory.

While in case of the HDD, it slows down when dealing with large number of files because it has to align the head in order to read each and every sector related to the files. Due to mechanical part it has higher latency as compared to SDD.

Reliability Comparison

SDD doesn’t have mechanical parts thus it makes it more durable, no risk of data loss from the shocks and failure of mechanical part.

In case of HDD,there is a high risk of data loss due to shocks and mechanical part failure.

Price Comparison

I think i must leave this as you don’t know about the daily changing prices of HDD and SDD. All i will say is research before buying.

Till then enjoy the below video to know more difference between the two.

You can also view this video on my YouTube channel



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