In my previous post about the Google tricks, i have discussed very few tricks which will amuse you while using Google. Now i am back with some more.

Trick 1: Google Gravity

Check the following link to see the gravity effect on google.

Google Gravity

Trick 2: Google Sphere

See all the elements on the page dancing, Visit the following link.

Google Sphere

Trick 3: Google Barrel Roll

Wanna see Google doing a barrel roll, just search for the term “do a barrel roll” on Google and see the action.

Trick 4: Recursion

Recursion is repeating or self calling function. In Google, when you search for a term recursion then it will suggest you the same word with same spelling again and again.

Trick 5: Tilt

Search for the “tilt” in Google search bar and you will see a tilted search result page.


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