Camera App: Facebook

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Facebook, News, Reviews
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The Social networking giant has launched a new camera app for I-Phones which let its users to share photos on the go. The app let the users to upload there photos,share them and they can also view what there friends are sharing through a stream which will only consist of photos.

After acquiring Instagram company uses it some features like cropping and adding filters on the photos. May be this is the growth potential which Facebook was looking and was behind the acquiring the Instagram for $1 Billion.

The app let users to view stream of users which they can swap and can select a single image to zoom and view. The app has similarities with the Instagram App but it will expose features to more number of users than the original app because of the 900 million fb user base.

The app is now available on US Marketplace right now and it will not take long to make its mark in another countries.


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