Samsung Galaxy S III

The worlds second largest smartphone maker Samsung has launched its top of the line smartphone in India. The Samsung Galaxy S3 gathered around 9 million pre orders which left I phone far behind as it was only able to gather 4 million orders before its launch. This is never seen for a non Apple Device.

The Samsung plans to use its new release to win over the customers of apple and they are also looking to give hard fight to the coming I-Phone i.e. 5.

The Galaxy S3 provides a natural and a dazzling 4.8 inch AMOLED screen with a 8 MP camera with it. There are some features which it bring first time in smartphone arena.

A screen that stays live as long as you are looking to it, Wireless Charging, HD Playback while you do another task, Automatic calling when you bring your phone near to your ears and etc.

The device is equipped with ANDROID ICE CREAM SANDWICH operating System.

Following are two videos showcasing Samsung Galaxy S III.

You can also found these videos on our Youtube channel: ERGARAGE

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