Alueron Malware or the Internet Doomsday virus is a warning of the potential blackout in which 2,50,000 computer users will loose there internet connectivity.

The experts said that there is only a small number of computer users are at risk and this virus is a small threat as compared to the Zeus and SpyEye virus which are responsible to bring millions of computers down the road. These viruses are even used in financial and other frauds.

According to the security firm Deteque, already the number of computers which are effected has reached to 2,45,000.

According to the other reports the virus is designed to redirect the internet traffic to rogue DNS servers which will lead you to wrong DNS mapping and a proper blackout as you will not be able to access anything on net.

How to check whether you are infected or not?

All the users you want to know the answer of above question can logon to

If DNS resolution shows green then you are not infected and can use the internet properly.

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