GAUSS : Bank account hacking virus

Posted: August 13, 2012 in News, Techopedia
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A new virus has been discovered in the middle east and according to the initial research it can steal your banking credentials and social account username and passwords. It also has capabilities to scrap your email accounts and instant messaging accounts.

According to Kaspersky Lab, Gauss is the product from the house of those who developed a Stuxnet worm which was know to hack Iran’s Nuclear Program.

What is Gauss?

Gauss is a surveillance tool. It steals credentials for hacking online banking systems, social networking sites and email accounts; it also gathers information about infected PCs, including web browsing history, system passwords and the contents of disk drives.

About 2500 computer systems are already infected by this virus and many more will come but the servers connected to the attacked systems are shutdown. There is still a threat from it as it can be invoked using the infected USB.

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