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A new virus has been discovered in the middle east and according to the initial research it can steal your banking credentials and social account username and passwords. It also has capabilities to scrap your email accounts and instant messaging accounts. (more…)

Finally the OS giant now enters in the social networking arena. The, Microsoft;s Social network is now open for general public, which lets them to share and comment on the cool and interesting search results and also allows them to connect with the like minded people. (more…)

Finally Microsoft announced different flavours of win 8.


SQL Server doesn’t need any introduction as it is a widely used product from a technology giant Microsoft.

But very few of them actually know the history of sql server and obviously I m one of them few days ago. This post is about the same……. (more…)

In this changing era of technology the new name which is arising as an alternative to the tradition HDD is SDD.


What is SDD??


Solid State Drive is a new device for data storage and you can store  data as you do on a hard drive. The major difference is it uses the solid state memory which is a totally different concept from the concept f the hard disk.

Intel X25-M SATA Solid-State Drive (SSD)