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The post contains a simple query to find the number of columns in your sql sever table.

TABLE_CATALOG = 'databse_name' AND TABLE_SCHEMA = 'dbo'
AND TABLE_NAME = 'table_name'

Last week i got a simple work to create a table with the result of different tables. We can also create a view to see a single result set from different table but my task was to create a table. (more…)

When you are dealing with bulk data then all you have is a CSV file. Comma Separated Value File or CSV file is a data file which contains large amount of data separated by comma.

The scenario is you have to insert the given data in SQL Server and the question is What will you do?

Option 1: Map fields one by one

Option 2: Use a small function called Sql Bulk Insert to insert data in the table. (more…)